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New Jersey credit card collection attorney

Aggressive Credit Card Collection Throughout New Jersey

Pursuing and enforcing monetary judgments

Snellings Law LLC focuses on the collection of debt in an aggressive yet cost-effective manner. We believe in acting swiftly to collect credit card debt. Our New Jersey collections attorney pursues attempts to resolve, informally, the dispute with the debtor, but we are fully prepared to commence legal action immediately to secure a judgment in your favor.

Statute of limitations for credit card debt

A statute of limitations is the time frame in which a lawsuit can be brought against a borrower to collect a debt. If the statute of limitations expires, you can be barred from collecting the debt owed to you. The statute of limitations clock begins at the time of last payment and resets each time the borrower makes a payment. In New Jersey, the statute of limitations to collect credit card debt is six years.

What is the process for collecting credit card debt?

Every debt collection matter is different, but the process typically begins with a written demand for payment. It is important that the demand provides the borrower with certain pieces of information, including:

  • The amount owed
  • The applicable interest rate
  • The date of default
  • Other important and relevant terms

If the borrower responds to the demand for payment, settlement discussions begin. If the borrower does not respond to the demand or settlement and discussions fail, we initiate a lawsuit to collect the credit card debt.

What if the debtor moves out of the country?

Most creditors mistakenly believe that it is impossible to pursue a debtor in another country. With very few exceptions, all countries recognize a U.S. debt and honor a creditor’s pursuit of collection of that debt in their country. We can work with investigators to locate your debtor in a foreign country and retain foreign collection attorneys to assist us with recovering the debt owed to you. Don’t write off significant amounts of debt simply because the debtor no longer resides in the United States. Our New Jersey collections attorney can help.

Schedule an appointment with a New Jersey Credit Card Collection Attorney to discuss your case

Snellings Law LLC is fully equipped to pursue the collection of credit card debt. Contact us online or by calling 973.265.6100. Our office has onsite parking available, and public transportation is accessible. We provide evening and weekend appointments by request.