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Docketing and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in New Jersey

Ensuring your judgment is properly domesticated

Snellings Law LLC has helped numerous creditors and other law firms with docketing foreign judgments in New Jersey. We handle the domestication process efficiently and effectively. Once the judgment is enforceable in our state, we can provide you aggressive assistance in enforcing the judgment and obtaining the compensation you are entitled to receive.

What is foreign judgment docketing?

If a creditor obtains a judgment in one state and the judgment debtor moves or relocates assets to New Jersey, the first state’s judgment can be “docketed” or “domesticated” to be effective and enforceable in New Jersey. Under the provisions of NJSA 2A:49A-25 (the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act), the Superior Court Clerk of New Jersey must treat the foreign judgment in the same manner as a judgment of the Superior Court of New Jersey. The clerk issues a notice to the defendant providing 14 days during which he or she may file an objection to the judgment. No execution of process can occur during that 14-day period.

Once a foreign judgment is docketed with the Superior Court of New Jersey, it becomes a lien against all real estate owned by the judgment debtor located within New Jersey. Additionally, once the foreign judgment has been docketed, the judgment creditor can take collection actions provided for under New Jersey law to satisfy the judgment. Thus, docketing a judgment from another state is an effective judgment enforcement tool if your judgment debtors or their assets are within New Jersey.

Are there any exceptions?

Although the docketing of foreign judgments is widely available to judgment creditors of other states that have obtained judgments entitled to “full faith and credit” in the original state, it is important to note that the defendant has the right to request the Superior Court of New Jersey to stay execution of the judgment. A stay may be granted in instances in which the defendant demonstrates that a valid appeal of the underlying foreign judgment is pending in the court of original jurisdiction. An experienced collections lawyer can assist you in matters where the defendant requests a stay of execution.

How Snellings Law LLC can help

If you have a judgment from another state that you want to enforce in New Jersey, we can assist you with the docketing process. We provide you a list of the information required and we handle the rest of it. Once the judgment is enforceable in New Jersey, we assist you with taking action to collect the amount owed. We are proficient in handling:

  • Garnishments
  • Levies
  • Information subpoenas
  • Orders for discovery
  • Writs of execution

Contact Snellings Law LLC for help with docketing your foreign judgment in New Jersey

If you have a judgment debtor who resides or has assets in New Jersey, we can help docket and enforce your judgment. Snellings Law LLC provides proficient and effective legal representation. Call us at 973.265.6100 or contact us via our website to schedule your appointment. Our office is accessible to public transportation, parking is available, and we offer flexible hours by request.