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Law Firm Provides Effective Judgment Enforcement in New Jersey

Serving small businesses and large corporations across the country

Snellings Law LLC can assist your business in all phases of debt collection. With more than a decade of experience in collection matters, our collections lawyer in New Jersey is fully prepared to help you. Whether you involve us from the beginning with the initial demand letter or you need assistance enforcing a judgment you have already obtained, we act swiftly to recover the compensation you are owed. We have creative strategies for collecting your debt, and we use every resource available to enforce your judgment.

What happens after we get a judgment?

A collections lawyer in New Jersey can take numerous steps to enforce your judgment. Some of the available collection tools we can assist you with include:

  • Wage garnishments. A wage garnishment allows a creditor to receive a percentage of the judgment-debtor’s paycheck until the court-awarded amount is paid in full.
  • Bank levies. A bank levy allows a creditor to freeze a bank account to receive payment on the judgment amount.
  • Liens. A judgment creditor can place a lien on the judgment debtor’s real property or personal property.
  • Depositions. We can conduct depositions (or interview under oath) of judgment debtors to determine the location of their assets.
  • Seizures and writs of execution. With the assistance of a sheriff, a creditor can seize assets and property owned by the judgment debtor to satisfy the judgment amount.
  • Pursue fraudulent transfers. If the judgment debtor transferred assets to a third party in an effort to hide them from a creditor, we can file a lawsuit against the party holding the property for the judgment debtor.

If you have obtained a judgment in another state that you want to enforce in New Jersey, we can help you with the judgment domestication procedure and take enforcement actions to recover the amount owed to you.

Creative ways we can help enforce your judgment

If the debtor is not responding to any of the above legal tactics for debt recovery, we also have developed creative and effective strategies for recovering the debt owed to you. Some disputes can be resolved with a “forbearance agreement.” Typically, this means a judgment debtor must execute a new promissory note, furnish collateral and provide a personal guarantee of payment in exchange for the creditor’s agreement to withhold or forbear from using the available collection tools. While this may result in it taking more time for you to get paid, this method actually can improve a creditor’s priority and opens new methods for collection efforts in the future.

Contact Snellings Law LLC to learn more about enforcing your judgment in New Jersey

We take pride in our diligent and thorough approach to enforcing your judgment and recovering what is owed to your business. To schedule an appointment to discuss your judgment matter, contact us at 973.265.6100 or online. The office of Snellings Law LLC is conveniently located in Parsippany, and provides available parking, access to public transportation and flexible office hours by request.