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Our Newark Commercial Litigation Lawyer Discusses Pros and Cons of a Negotiated Settlement

men having a handshake  Newark Commercial Litigation LawyerLike most types of litigation, commercial disputes are almost always resolved by way of negotiated settlement, and a Newark commercial litigation lawyer can make sure the agreement favors your interests. As an alternative to costly trials and protracted litigation, negotiating your dispute can be very effective. Especially if either, or both parties, have sensitive information they don’t want exposed in a public forum. At Snellings Law, LLC we have years of experience preparing for and successfully resolving many types of complex commercial litigation disputes. Regardless of whether negotiation or a full blown trial is necessary, we are fully prepared to handle any conflict on your behalf.


In the business world, disputes are inevitable, but to a large extent, you can control the way the problem is resolved. The first step is consulting with an attorney who understands the practical realities of the business world. Deciding to negotiate a settlement rather than taking a claim to trial is often the most effective and cost-efficient way to resolve a business dispute. Of course, there are pros and cons to every decision, and attempting to settle may not be your best option if the other party is being unreasonable. In most cases out-of-court resolution is best for our clients, and there are several reasons for this:

  • Negotiating a settlement is generally less risky than going to trial where you might lose entirely.
  • Reaching a negotiated deal may help you avoid many of the costs associated with hiring experts, subpoenaing witnesses, and paying for other expenses such as jury fees
  • Taking a case to trial may expose you to liability for the other party’s legal and attorney fees if you lose or fail to achieve a result better than a previously made settlement offer

Your Newark commercial litigation lawyer should fully advise you of the costs and benefits associated with pursuing settlement negotiations. They should also be skilled at drafting effective settlement agreements that take into considerations your business’s reputation, long term health, and any tax consequences associated with the agreement.

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If your company, corporation or non-profit is involved in a commercial dispute the team at Snellings Law, LLC can help. Our experienced Newark commercial litigation lawyer is happy to provide a case consultation and advise you regarding the best options for prevailing in the dispute and making sure your business is a success. Call us today at (973) 265-6100.