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The legal team at Snellings Law LLC has handled numerous loan collection matters. We represent small businesses, lending institutions and large corporations across the nation in collecting delinquent loans in New Jersey. We are aggressive but professional in our approach. Whatever type of loan you need assistance with; our debt collections attorney are fully equipped and prepared to help.

Types of loan collections

A wide variety of loans typically fall within the categories of commercial or consumer transactions. It is important to distinguish between consumer debts and commercial debts. A consumer debt is a debt incurred by an individual, primarily for a personal, family or household purpose. A commercial debt arises from an obligation to pay for goods or services used in the course of business. These different types of debt may help a creditor in determining which federal and state laws apply to the collection of the debt. Additionally, some loans are a onetime occurrence for goods or services. Other transactions create an ongoing credit relationship between the parties. Examples of loan collection matters we handle include:

  • Mortgage loans
  • Automobile, boat or other types of vehicle loans
  • Student loans
  • Credit agreements
  • Revolving lines of credit
  • Credit card debt

Our debt collections attorney can review the documentation supporting the loan and determine the best strategy for pursuing collection efforts. Thus, it is important to keep copies of any paperwork supporting your loan transaction, including credit agreements, past payment records and correspondence with the debtor.

The steps our debt collections attorney takes to collect a loan

A collection agency can only harass a borrower into paying you. A debt collections attorney can make demands for payment and follow up on those demands with a lawsuit. Many times, a formal demand letter from a lawyer is sufficient to motivate the borrower to pay you. If not, getting served with a lawsuit seeking the original amount due, plus attorney’s fees and courts costs, may do the trick. Once a lender has obtained a judgment, we take aggressive enforcement actions, such as garnishments, liens and asset seizures; to recover the compensation you are owed.

Schedule your confidential consultation with a loan collection attorney

Whatever type of delinquent loan you have in New Jersey; we can help recover payments owed to you. Contact Snellings Law LLC at 973.265.6100 or via our website to schedule your appointment. We have available parking at our office and offer easy access to public transportation. We provide evening and weekend appointments if needed.