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New Jersey Commercial Collections Attorney Diligently Works for Your Business

Skilled in overcoming debtor’s delay tactics

New Jersey Commercial Collections Attorney, Commercial Collection LawAt Snellings Law LLC, we know all the tactics borrowers use to try to keep from paying what they owe you. More important, we have knowledge about and experience with how to stop their delay tactics. A New Jersey commercial collections attorney will aggressively fight for your right to receive payment. Moreover, where allowed, we will fight for you to receive your legal fees, penalties and interest. Our approach is determined and focused on your recovery. We maintain the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

How we can help your business with collections

If your business is facing a significant amount of accounts receivable, it is time to let a New Jersey collections attorney work to get you paid. It is hard for a business to stay profitable when don’t receive prompt payment for all goods sold or services rendered.

Only two ways exist of getting a borrower or debtor to pay your money: voluntarily and involuntarily. We are successful in using both methods. We use persuasive measures to make debtors understand that making a voluntary payment is better for them. In addition, we explain the binding effects of a contract. We also explain the various remedies that we legally can seek if we take the matter to court. If negotiations do not work, we have an arsenal of legal methods we use to seek payment through involuntary legal measures. Unlike collection agencies, a commercial collection lawyer can take all the steps necessary to collect accounts receivable.

What is the legal process of collecting from another business?

If your clients or borrowers are businesses, it is important continually to look for signs that they may be having financial difficulties. As soon as payments are being made late or for less than the full amount, you should begin open communication with them. Many times, if you discover the problem early enough, we can help you design creative methods for receiving payment without digging yourself into deeper debt. However, at times it may become necessary to file a loan collection lawsuit against another business. In that case, we are prepared to walk you through each step of the process, including:

  • Sending a demand letter that lets the borrower know you’re pursuing legal remedies if you don’t receive payment
  • Filing a lawsuit
  • Investigating the borrower’s reasons for not paying by filing motions and conducting discovery
  • Obtaining a judgment in your favor (if the customer does not have a valid defense)
  • Taking steps to enforce your judgment and collecting the amounts owed to you through legal collection tools, such as garnishments, liens against real property and asset seizures

Discuss your commercial collections with an experienced New Jersey Commercial Collections Attorney

Schedule your confidential initial consultation with Snellings Law LLC by calling 973.265.6100 or contacting us online. We provide flexible hours upon request, and our office has available parking and access to public transportation. Your business’s debt recovery is our top priority.