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New Jersey Debt Collection Law Firm Focuses on Bounced Check Laws

Pursuing your right to payment with dishonored checks

New Jersey debt collection law firm - Bounced Check LawsA “bad check” or bounced check is a check that has been written in an amount that exceeds the funds available in the account or on an account that has been closed. Businesses across the country lose hundreds of thousands of dollars annually because of bad checks. Snellings Law LLC is prepared to assist you with seeking recovery from these kinds of offenders and the fraud they perpetrate. Don’t let your business take the loss. Let us pursue your rights and remedies.

Statute of limitations for recovering a dishonored check

Under New Jersey law, a creditor who has received a dishonored check has three years from the date of dishonor or 10 years from the date the check was written, whichever is earlier, to initiate a civil proceeding against the person who wrote the check. An experienced collections lawyer can help you pursue your right to payment for a bad check in a timely manner.

How much are you entitled to collect on a bad check?

When collecting a debt resulting from a bad check, you can seek recovery of:

  • Your attorneys’ fees
  • Court fees
  • Mailing fees for the notice
  • Damages equal to $500, or triple the face amount of check, whichever is greater

Our goal is to help you recover the fullest amount of damages possible. Thus, when a customer or borrower writes a check on an account with insufficient funds, we pursue your legal remedies.

Why use an attorney instead of a collection agency?

New Jersey provides that you can pursue civil actions against an individual who writes checks with insufficient funds. Using an attorney, rather than a collection agency, is a vastly more effective way of collecting a judgment or debt. A collection agency cannot file a lawsuit to collect the sum owed to you from a bad check. A collections attorney at Snellings Law LLC, however, can file a lawsuit and seek recovery of your attorney’s fees and other collection-related expenses. This means that in addition to recovering the original debt owed to you from the check, you can hold the borrower liable to pay your legal fees incurred in pursuing this debt.

Contact a New Jersey debt collection law firm to help you recover a bounced check

The legal team at Snellings Law LLC uses every resource available to pursue your right to collect the debt owed under checks written with insufficient funds. Schedule your appointment with us by calling 973.265.6100 or visiting our online contact page. Our office has available parking and access to public transportation, as well as flexible hours for appointments.