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New Jersey Debt Collections Attorney

Aggressively pursuing your right to receive payment

New Jersey debt collections attorney, credit card collectionSnellings Law LLC focuses on the areas of commercial debt collection litigation and the enforcement of creditors’ rights. We are aggressive, resourceful and persistent. Our credit card collection clients are large and small companies, banks, finance companies and other lenders across the nation that seek to collect from parties in New Jersey. At our law firm, a New Jersey debt collections attorney will implement the latest technology. We will also use our years of experience to save you time and money in recovering what is rightfully owed to you.

How we can help with your credit card collection issues

Our legal team believes in zealously pursuing your delinquent accounts. We begin the collection process with demand letters, but unlike collection agencies, we don’t stop there. If we are not seeing results, we file a lawsuit to pursue your rights in court. Once we obtain a monetary judgment in your favor, we take aggressive enforcement actions. Our goal is to use every method available to achieve a favorable result for your business. We understand that the continued success of your company depends on it.

Providing comprehensive services

Wherever your business or lending institution is located, if you have debtors in New Jersey, we can help. We proudly serve as local counsel for numerous national corporations in the following areas:

  • Promissory notes. Whether you are collecting promissory notes, personal guaranties, letters of credit or other extensions of credit, we can help.
  • Loan collections. Secured debt is a loan that has an asset pledged to the lender as collateral. For example, these may include mortgages and vehicle loans. Unsecured debt is a loan that does not have collateral pledged as security for the lender, such as credit card debt and medical bills. We provide effective assistance in both types of loan collections.
  • Bad check recovery. If you have customers or vendors who have issued “stop payments” on a check or simply have insufficient funds in their account to cover the check written to you, we can help with the recovery of dishonored checks.
  • Credit card collections. We provide aggressive and trustworthy services in credit card collections. The law is strict in governing how debts can be collected. However, we take swift action to make a demand, file a lawsuit and enforce your judgment with garnishments and other post-judgment collection actions.
  • Foreign judgment docketing. If you have obtained a judgment against a debtor in another state and the judgment-debtor owns real property in New Jersey, we can help you domesticate the foreign judgment and make it enforceable in New Jersey.
  • Judgment enforcement. Once you have obtained a judgment, it is important to take action to enforce it. We can help you with garnishments, replevins, recording liens and other judgment enforcement actions.

Obtain the knowledgeable guidance of an experienced New Jersey debt collections attorney

Whatever kind of credit card collection assistance your business needs, a New Jersey debt collection attorney at our law firm is fully prepared to help. Contact Snellings Law LLC at 973.265.6100 or via our website. We provide flexible hours by appointment and convenient parking. In addition, our Parsippany, New Jersey, office is accessible by public transportation. We put your priorities first and strive to accomplish your goals.