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Commercial Construction Lien in New Jersey

Construction contractors, subcontractors and suppliers are all allowed to file a NJ construction liens if they are not paid for the work they performed or the supplies they provided. A construction lien can help to make certain you get paid. As the law has changed, it is important for you to understand the steps required for filing construction liens. If you do not follow them correctly, you may be left unable to enforce your lien forever.

Observing Statutory Deadlines

The deadlines are different for residential and non-residential liens, so it is highly important that you understand what they are. For both types of construction liens, you will have a limited period of time after you have completed the work to file your lien, so it is important for you to act quickly.

Following Formal Language and Form Requirements

A construction lien must be written in a formal manner that uses the prescribed type of format. An attorney who has filed many such liens in the past may help. They might be better able to choose the correct form and to use the correct legal language that your lien requires.

Correctly Identifying the Parties

Making certain that you are able to identify all of the responsible parties in your lien is also important. In some situations, this may be more difficult than it initially sounds. When multiple parties have been involved in your project, you must still be able to correctly identify the relationships between each of them.

Serve the Lien

In order for your lien to be effective, it must be properly served on the responsible party. This may be accomplished through personal service that follows the mandates of the New Jersey state law. It may also be accomplished through mail if the manner in which it is mailed follows the service requirements for the state. Since construction liens are so important, getting an attorney’s help for both their preparation and correct service may be vitally important.

Contact a NJ Construction Liens Attorney

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