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New Jersey Construction Lien Attorney Discusses the Basics of a Construction Lien

A New Jersey construction lien attorney can help you or your business if you are dealing with a construction lien issue. In New Jersey, construction lien issues are governed by the New Jersey Construction Lien Law, or NJCLL, and you should only consider working with a New Jersey construction lien lawyer with adequate knowledge of …Read More »

Enforcement of Construction Liens | Ask a New Jersey Collections Law Office

Construction liens frequently come up in large development projects involving contractors and subcontractors. Contractors may have a claim that the property owner failed to pay the balance owed on the service. An attorney at a a New Jersey collections law office can explain to you that the filing of a construction lien and enforcement of …Read More »

Bankruptcy and Liens

If you are facing a construction lien, you may want to consult with a professional to understand what is involved. Often times a construction lien is something that a mechanical or construction professional will use when dealing with residential homeowners in their specific line of work. The following information will discuss frequently asked questions regarding …Read More »

What Is a Construction Lien? Our New Jersey Construction Lien Attorney Explains

Haven’t gotten paid for construction work you completed on a private project? Our New Jersey construction lien attorney will be able to assist you in properly collecting the outstanding debt by filing and enforcing a construction lien. What Is a Construction Lien? Pursuant to New Jersey’s Construction Lien Law (CLL), N.J.S.A. 2A:44A-1, et. seq., contractors, subcontractors, vendors, …Read More »

Who Can File a Construction Lien?

A construction lien provides contractors, subcontractors and suppliers a security interest in the property that was improved, which enables them to compel payment for work that they have not been paid for. However, because of the impact a lien has on the property and consequently the property owner, there are significant defenses for the wrongful …Read More »

A New Jersey Construction Lien Attorney Discusses Construction Liens

A New Jersey construction lien attorney at Snellings Law LLC understands that disputes sometimes arise between homeowners and contractors who have completed work on the home. If the homeowner refuses or fails to pay, the contractors and subcontractors who completed the work have a right to seek a construction lien against the property. If you …Read More »

Construction Lien Deadlines

In New Jersey, there is a blanket 90-day deadline for filing notices of construction liens. This means that you have 90 days from the last furnishing of materials, equipment or work to file your lien. However, this doesn’t mean it’s okay to wait until the last second. Oftentimes, county clerks’ offices experience major backups. Under …Read More »

Why Construction Liens Are Good Collection Tools

When a general contractor or a subcontractor is not paid for their work on either commercial or residential property in New Jersey, construction liens can be very effective debt collection tools to prompt the property owner to pay what they owe. Although state law allows contractors to file liens on property for the value of …Read More »

The Validity of Construction Liens in New Jersey

A construction lien is a powerful tool for collecting a debt for work done on a construction project. It can also subject the lien holder to serious penalties if it is filed unlawfully. A New Jersey construction liens attorney can review your case whether you are defending or pursing a construction lien and help you …Read More »

The Required Forms and Process for a Construction Lien

If you are a general contractor or a subcontractor who is having trouble getting paid for the work you have performed or the supplies you have provided for a construction project, a construction lien, also known as a mechanic’s lien, is a good tool for you to use. The law in New Jersey has very …Read More »

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