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Have Questions About a Foreign Judgment? A New Jersey Collections Law Firm Can Help!

If you are a business owner, it may seem difficult or overwhelming to try and enforce a judgment ordered by a foreign court. As your New Jersey collections law firm will explain further, foreign judgments are routinely enforced by New ...Read More»

How Do Writs of Execution Work?

An important part of loan collection is seeking and enforcing judgments. A New Jersey collections attorney can help you obtain a writ of execution, which is a court order to enforce judgments for paying debt. New Jersey Rule 4:59 Process ...Read More»

Basic Facts about Construction Liens

The construction lien presents a powerful collection tool available to contractors who work on real property. However, abuse of a construction lien can lead to significant penalties. A skilled New Jersey commercial collection attorney can explain what you need to ...Read More»

An Overview of Construction Liens

A construction lien means that a contractor put a lien on a person’s property for unpaid materials and/or labor used in a building project for the client. The lien, also called a mechanic’s lien, is a method for the contractor ...Read More»

New Jersey Construction Lien Attorney Discusses the Basics of a Construction Lien

A New Jersey construction lien attorney can help you or your business if you are dealing with a construction lien issue. In New Jersey, construction lien issues are governed by the New Jersey Construction Lien Law, or NJCLL, and you ...Read More»