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Common Defenses and Counterclaims in Debt Collection Lawsuits

Whether you are an original creditor or debt buyer (also called third party collector), you may sue a consumer on an unpaid debt. Parsippany debt collection lawyers understand that your goal as a creditor is to secure a swift judgment ...Read More»


In many cases, obtaining a judgment from a court in New Jersey is regrettably not the last stop in a civil suit.  When the judgment debtor does not pay the judgment voluntarily, Parsippany collections attorneys advise creditors to act quickly ...Read More»

New Jersey Collections Lawyer Explains Collecting on an Overdue Promissory Note

For business owners, default or delinquent debts can wreak havoc on the overall financial outlook. If you hold several outstanding debts which are nearing or already in default, it may be time to speak to a New Jersey collections lawyer ...Read More»

A New Jersey Collections Attorney on Bad Checks

Despite attempts to be diligent, a bad check can occasionally slip through. A New Jersey collections attorney suggests it is a good idea to have a protocol in place to address the problem should it arise. Devising a Strategy The ...Read More»

Steps to Take to Enforce a Judgment

Post judgment enforcement endeavors can be frustrating. The onus falls on the judgment creditor to pursue collections in the event the debtor refuses to pay. A skilled New Jersey collection lawyer can assist with developing an aggressive collections strategy. Methods ...Read More»