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Preparing for Commercial Lawsuit Depositions

Commercial Lawsuit Depositions As one of the most fruitful discovery tools, depositions in a commercial lawsuit require a great deal of planning. A deposition is out-of-court testimony, under oath, from a party to the dispute or a third party who ...Read More»

Steps in Suing to Collect a Debt

Pre-filing Investigation Before suing to collect a debt, as a lender you must first do the same type of due diligence investigation that you performed before granting the loan.  You should inquire about the debtor, review the loan documents with ...Read More»

Common Mistakes Creditors Make and How to Avoid Them

The objective of every loan agreement from a creditor’s perspective is to avoid having to pursue remedies against a debtor because of an “event of default.”  An event of default is a circumstance that provokes the creditor to demand full ...Read More»

Preparing to Handle Requests for Production of Documents

Here, we'll evaluate the process to preparing for the requests of production of documents. During the discovery phase of your lawsuit, you should expect the first exchange of information with your opposing party to be centered on document review.  Preparation ...Read More»

Arbitrating a Contract Dispute

  Parties to a contract may prefer to include an arbitration clause in their agreement or decide to draft an arbitration agreement as an addendum to their contract.  Arbitration is an alternative to litigating in court and is used primarily ...Read More»