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Arbitrating a Contract Dispute

  Parties to a contract may prefer to include an arbitration clause in their agreement or decide to draft an arbitration agreement as an addendum to their contract.  Arbitration is an alternative to litigating in court and is used primarily to resolve business disputes. For example, employers are trending towards using arbitration provisions in employment …Read More »


If you are about to become a litigant in a commercial lawsuit, you may be wondering what to anticipate as your cases progresses.  A commercial lawsuit may pass through up to eight phases: pre-filing strategy; pleadings; discovery; summary judgment; pre-trial conference; trial; post-trial motions; and appeal. However, the vast majority of suits are settled or …Read More »

7 Factors That Determine Whether You Have a Viable Commercial Lawsuit

Before resorting to litigation, you and your attorney need to evaluate numerous factors to determine whether you have a viable commercial lawsuit.  The first step in any commercial dispute is to obtain experienced counsel and ensure through a retention agreement that the scope of the services the attorney has agreed to perform dovetails with your …Read More »