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Common Defenses and Breach of Contract Cases

  Defenses Used in Breach of Contract Cases If you find yourself a named defendant in a breach of contract lawsuit, your first step should be a consultation with a Parsippany breach of contract attorney to determine what your best defenses are. Contesting the Facts Your attorney will need to know the factual background that …Read More »

Your Obligation to Preserve Evidence When a Lawsuit Is Looming

  If your business dispute seems headed to litigation, you need to take immediate steps to ensure that relevant evidence is preserved.  Having the right staff to back you up may help your case. Make sure to consult Parsippany Commercial Litigation professionals prior to your case. The obligation to preserve evidence applies to both plaintiffs …Read More »


One of the most common reasons that people and businesses become involved in lawsuits is due to an alleged breach of contract. The contract could be for goods, services, real estate, or employment, to name just a few of the most common subjects. The New Jersey breach of contract lawyers at Snellings Law LLC are …Read More »