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An Overview of Construction Liens

A construction lien means that a contractor put a lien on a person’s property for unpaid materials and/or labor used in a building project for the client. The lien, also called a mechanic’s lien, is a method for the contractor to ensure that they are paid for their work. While the lien might not have …Read More »

New Jersey Construction Lien Attorney Discusses the Basics of a Construction Lien

A New Jersey construction lien attorney can help you or your business if you are dealing with a construction lien issue. In New Jersey, construction lien issues are governed by the New Jersey Construction Lien Law, or NJCLL, and you should only consider working with a New Jersey construction lien lawyer with adequate knowledge of …Read More »

A New Jersey Collection Attorney Explains Personal Liability in an S Corporation

One of the most attractive features of an S Corporation is the limited liability protection each shareholder receives. A New Jersey collection attorney can explain this protection in detail to you. The Features of an S Corporation A corporation can be formed by a group of people or another company for the purpose of doing …Read More »

A Collections Attorney in New Jersey Explains How to Go after Money Once You Win Your Case

Suing someone in court can be an overwhelming process. Unfortunately, even if you win your case, the battle to collect your money has really just begun. A seasoned collections attorney in New Jersey can walk you through the steps of collecting on a money judgment. The Money Judgment The threshold to starting any type of …Read More »

Enforcement of Construction Liens | Ask a New Jersey Collections Law Office

Construction liens frequently come up in large development projects involving contractors and subcontractors. Contractors may have a claim that the property owner failed to pay the balance owed on the service. An attorney at a a New Jersey collections law office can explain to you that the filing of a construction lien and enforcement of …Read More »