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Defending a Construction Lien with the Help of an Attorney

Construction liens can prohibit your ability to sell a home or secure financing. When a lien is filed in error or for an improper purpose, it’s important to speak to a skilled NJ collections lawyer about your options. Requirements of a Construction Lien Construction liens are reserved for contractors who perform work or improvements on …Read More »

New Jersey Banking Law Attorneys Explain How a Creditor Can Freeze Your Bank Account

If a court has issued a money judgment against you, you may face collection proceedings. As New Jersey banking law attorneys can discuss, the bank levy is one of the most powerful tools your creditor may have against you. The Bank Levy When a creditor obtains a bank levy, this gives them the power to …Read More »

Bankruptcy and Liens

If you are facing a construction lien, you may want to consult with a professional to understand what is involved. Often times a construction lien is something that a mechanical or construction professional will use when dealing with residential homeowners in their specific line of work. The following information will discuss frequently asked questions regarding …Read More »

New Jersey Commercial Collections Lawyer Discusses FAQs

A company that has significant outstanding debt can quickly find itself becoming insolvent. This is especially a problem with small or fledgling businesses that don’t have a large source of assets from which to draw in times of hardship. A New Jersey commercial collections attorney can help you collect outstanding debts so that your business …Read More »