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The Banking Industry Faces Tough Regulatory Issues Through Dodd-Frank

In recent years, the regulatory landscape for the banking and lending industries changed dramatically. These industries often rely on law firms to help them deal with regulatory issues. Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010 in response to a need for financial reform as evidenced by the 2007 to …Read More »

A New Jersey Foreign Judgments Attorney on Writs of Execution

If you have collected a foreign judgment from another state or country, a New Jersey foreign judgments attorney can be an invaluable asset in actually collecting the money. No Need to File a Separate Lawsuit As anyone who has had to file suit to recover a money judgment can tell you, getting the judgment and …Read More »

Collecting Attorney’s Fees From a Debtor | Ask a New Jersey Commercial Collections Attorney

Whether you can collect attorney’s fees from a debtor in the event of a contract dispute typically depends upon how your contract or loan was written. A New Jersey commercial collections attorney can explain to you that if the contract provides for an award of attorney’s fees in the event of default, you may be …Read More »

A New Jersey Commercial Collections Attorney on Settlements

Uncollected debts are costly; it affects the company’s bottom line. A New Jersey commercial collections attorney can provide solutions to optimize profits. The Numbers The statistics don’t lie; the longer a commercial debt goes uncollected the more difficult it is for a New Jersey commercial collections lawyer to recover the full amount. For example: • …Read More »