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An Overview of Out-of-State Collections Lawyer NJ from Our Collection Attorney

If you want to collect a judgment from someone in New Jersey on a judgment that originated in another state, our collection lawyer  NJ can provide you with information on the proper steps to take. This is called the “Act” in New Jersey and is a relatively easy process that only takes three or four …Read More »

The Impact of a Bank Levee

Bank levees are one of the most powerful weapons in the collections arsenal. When a levee is filed, the account holder can suffer irreparable financial consequences. Skilled New Jersey debt collection lawyers can explain your best legal options whether you are a creditor pursuing a debt or a debtor facing a bank levee. Procedure for …Read More »

Issues in Collections: The Demand Letter

Cash flow is an ongoing concern for many small businesses. This can be especially problematic when uncollected receivables start piling up. A New Jersey collections lawyer can implement a strategy to expedite payments. The Effectiveness of Hiring a New Jersey Collections Lawyer When a business has done all it can on its own to collect …Read More »

Legal Assistance With Getting A Construction Lien

An attorney can help contractors with a construction lien and other methods of receiving payment for work that has been done. New Jersey Legal Assistance Can Take to Receive Payment If you are a contractor concerned about getting paid or if you are having trouble getting paid for your work, you can take the following steps: …Read More »

A New Jersey Collection Attorney Can Discuss Ways to Avoid Litigation

As a business owner, protecting your assets and maximizing profitability are of paramount concern. When you face issues with customers who do not pay, a New Jersey collection attorney can discuss options you may have short of litigation. The Prerequisite to Collections Litigation When you have creditors with overdue bills or who have defaulted on …Read More »