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Commercial Collections: Court Costs

It’s bad enough not getting paid what you’re owed; it’s worse having to pay someone else to get paid; worst yet is not getting reimbursed for the costs of collecting the debt that is owed you. A New Jersey collections law firm can help explain the process and offer some recommendations. Attorney’s Fees Whether legal …Read More »

Wage Garnishments in a Collections Dispute | Ask a New Jersey Collections Attorney

A common remedy in a collections dispute is wage garnishment. In this case, a court may order that a portion of your paycheck first be paid to your creditor before you ever see a cent. By garnishing your wages, you do not have the option not to pay back your debt as it is automatically …Read More »

A Collections Attorney in New Jersey Explains How to Collect Money Once You Win Your Case

Suing someone in court can be an overwhelming process. Unfortunately, even if you win your case, the battle to collect your money has really just begun. A seasoned collections attorney in New Jersey can walk you through the steps of collecting on a money judgment. The Money Judgment The threshold to starting any type of …Read More »

What Is a Construction Lien? Our New Jersey Construction Lien Attorney Explains

Haven’t gotten paid for construction work you completed on a private project? Our New Jersey construction lien attorney will be able to assist you in properly collecting the outstanding debt by filing and enforcing a construction lien. What Is a Construction Lien? Pursuant to New Jersey’s Construction Lien Law (CLL), N.J.S.A. 2A:44A-1, et. seq., contractors, subcontractors, vendors, …Read More »