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Collections: Levy Assets

It is often said that getting a judgment is the easiest part of the process; finding assets and actually collecting on the judgment can be far more difficult, as a New Jersey collections law firm can explain. Bank Levy A creditor must have specific information regarding the debtor’s bank account to levy any funds that …Read More »

Tools for Collecting an Out-of-State Judgment in New Jersey

If you need to collect a judgment entered by a court outside New Jersey from an individual or business with assets in New Jersey, our collection lawyer can assist you.  New Jersey law provides a number of alternatives that a seasoned collections lawyer can pursue on your behalf. Collection Tools Available in New Jersey Once …Read More »

Promissory Notes and Consideration Explained by a New Jersey Collections Lawyer

A promissory note is typically just a type of contract. As a result, a New Jersey collections lawyer can explain to you that if the promissory note is not supported by mutual consideration, the note may not be enforceable. This means that any debts, obligations and interest payments owed through the promissory note would also …Read More »

Collections: Asset Report

Trying to collect on outstanding debts can be a frustrating experience for any business owner. While it may be clear the money is owed and the debtor has no argument to the contrary, it may be wise to enlist the services of an experienced New Jersey collections law firm to help determine the wisdom of …Read More »