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Who Can File a Construction Lien?

A construction lien provides contractors, subcontractors and suppliers a security interest in the property that was improved, which enables them to compel payment for work that they have not been paid for. However, because of the impact a lien has on the property and consequently the property owner, there are significant defenses for the wrongful …Read More »

Who Bears Responsibility for Forged Checks

Liability for check forgery can be a complicated determination depending on how many parties were involved as well as fraudulent or innocent intentions. A skilled NJ banking law attorney can review the circumstances and explain the law as it relates to the alleged forgery. Parties Potentially Involved in the Case of a Check Forgery The …Read More »

Enforcing a Money Judgment

Small business owners must develop an effective debt collection strategy to ensure the success of their business. A New Jersey collection attorney can be an important partner in implementing a collections plan. The Importance of Obtaining a Money Judgement In order to collect on a debt, a business owner or other creditor must first obtain …Read More »

Understanding Small Business Promissory Notes, from a Promissory Note Lawyer Parsippany

As your promissory note lawyer Parsippany , NJ attorney can tell you, when you borrow money for your small business, a promissory note may be used to document the loan’s repayment terms. Repayment can be structured in a variety of ways. To ensure that you choose the option that is right for your business, familiarize …Read More »

Lawsuits Against Defaulting Borrowers and Guarantors

Financial institutions have a greater interest than ever in recovering delinquent loan amounts. Although defaulting on a loan is typically only a small part of a bigger financial problem, a New Jersey banking law lawyer can be instrumental in maximizing the potential recovery. Negotiating with the Borrower Initially, it is prudent to determine if some …Read More »