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Collection Lawyer in New Jersey Discusses Foreign Judgment Docketing

If you are trying to collect a judgment, a collection lawyer in New Jersey may be able to help facilitate the process. A law firm that deals extensively in judgment collection may have the expertise you need to pursue your assets from difficult debtors. The domestication process is often difficult to navigate alone, but once …Read More »

Determining Whether Your Opponent Can Pay You, From A New Jersey Collections Attorney

Your New Jersey collections attorney will explain the importance of knowing whether or not the debtor will have the ability to pay you if you win your case. Your New Jersey Debt Collections Attorney Can Help You Understand Debtor Solvency New Jersey debt collection attorneys will tell you that if you win your case, you …Read More »

Midnight Deadline Disputes

Under provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), once a check is presented for payment, financial institutions have strict time limitations under which they must take action to either pay on the check or dishonor it. However, New Jersey collection lawyers understand that what appear to be clear rules for banks to comply with to …Read More »

Snellings Law – Student Loans

A New Jersey Collections Attorney on Student Loans Student loan debt is increasing; the combination of higher costs of education coupled with a difficult job market for recent graduates as well as cut backs on all levels of personnel has forced many loans into default. If you have a student loan to collect, you need …Read More »