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Our New Jersey Collection Lawyers Can Assist in Recovering Unpaid Debts

Your New Jersey collection lawyers will know how to proceed when you are trying to recover unpaid debts. A Collection Attorney NJ Will Assist You in Pursuing Payment It is not uncommon for businesses to have trouble collecting debts from customers, patients or clients. Some businesses simply give up and chalk the failure to pay …Read More »

Understanding the Breach of Contract

If you have recently formed business contract, you should rely on a New Jersey breach of contract lawyer to ensure that neither you nor the other party breaches the contract. New Jersey Breach of Contract Lawyer Defines a Contract A contract is a legally enforceable agreement between at least two parties who will be bound …Read More »

Mandatory Mediation For Real Estate Contract Disputes – Ask A New Jersey Real Estate Disputes Attorney

If you are involved in a real estate contract dispute, you may be subject to a mandatory mediation requirement to help you resolve the conflict. The requirements for mandatory mediation are typically included in the text of your real estate contract. A New Jersey real estate disputes attorney can help you review the terms of …Read More »

What Is a Breach of Contract and the Time Limit for Bringing a Lawsuit?

Contracts form the backbone of daily business operations. However, breaches of contract can occur because of ambiguity in the contract’s language, a failure to deliver or pay for goods and delays that violate contract agreements. Working with an experienced lawyer to handle contract breaches is often necessary to protect a company’s bottom line. When your …Read More »

Credit Card Collections

Collecting on an unsecured debt presents unique problems and perhaps more so with credit card collections. As New Jersey debt collection lawyers report, past due payments and non-payments have been on the rise in recent years. Unfortunately, many consumers treat credit cards as a cash reserve and seemingly have little reservation about not paying when finances …Read More »