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New Jersey Commercial Collections Law Firm Discusses Collectability Issues

As a business owner, you are likely keenly aware of the collectability issues that plague your bottom line. A New Jersey commercial collections law firm is aware of these issues and can combat your collectability problems with effective solutions, including obtaining a judgment lien. Your New Jersey commercial collections law firm is also aware that …Read More »

Best Practices for Billing and Collecting Debts from Customers

One of the most important aspects of running a profitable business is effective procedures for billing customers and collecting payment. The keys to an effective billing and collection procedure is establishing terms with your customers and consistent invoicing. In addition, you should follow up on all invoices that are not paid in a timely manner. …Read More »

A New Jersey Commercial Collection Attorney Explains the Basics of Fair Debt Collections Laws

When a debt goes unpaid, it’s important for business owners to know what their legal options are for pursing money owed. A skilled New Jersey commercial collection attorney can help navigate the laws that revolve around this issue. Who the Fair Debt Collection Laws Cover The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act covers debt collectors. As your …Read More »

Our New Jersey Banking Law Attorney Explains Fraudulent Transfers

People can be tricky when their assets are at risk. An experienced New Jersey banking law attorney knows how to seek out those fraudulent transfers and conveyances. What Is a Fraudulent Transfer or Conveyance? Fraudulent transfer or conveyance is the transferring of money or property to another person or company in an attempt to avoid debt …Read More »