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Snellings Law – Keeping Past Payment Records

A New Jersey Commercial Collections Attorney on Keeping Past Payment Records There are many good reasons for keeping accurate records in business. Most people realize the importance for matters like taxes and borrowing money, but a New Jersey commercial collections attorney can explain why this is essential in collection concerns as well. Payment History as …Read More »

Wage Garnishment and Being a Collection Agency New Jersey Creditors Respect

If you are aware that a debtor is working and earning an income, a collection agency New Jersey creditors trust may help you with the process of garnishing his or her wages. There are multiple laws regarding the garnishment process that may affect your efforts. The best way to successfully garnish a debtor’s wages is …Read More »

Collection Attorney in New Jersey Covers Ideas for Collecting Delinquent Payments

While you might hesitate to use the services of our collection attorney in New Jersey, sometimes you have no other options when a client refuses to pay you. However, you can turn this difficult issue around through clear communication with clients and a willingness to work with them by setting up a payment plan. Reasons …Read More »

A Collection Attorney in New Jersey on Arbitration Basics

Arbitration is becoming increasingly common in many different types of contracts as a method to avoid the uncertainty and expense of litigation. However, there are different types of arbitration, and consumers should be aware of what their obligations and responsibilities are regarding these matters. Alternate Dispute Resolution Arbitration, one form of ADR, is less formal …Read More »