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An Overview of Out-of-State Collections in NJ from Our Collection Attorney

If you want to collect a judgment from someone State Collections in NJ that originated in another state, our collection lawyer can provide you with information on the proper steps to take. This is called the “Act” in New Jersey and is a relatively easy process that only takes three or four weeks. However, the plaintiff …Read More »

A New Jersey Collection Attorney Talks About How Consumer and Commercial Debt Collection Differs

When you go to a New Jersey collection attorney for help with collecting debt that is owed to you, your attorney will explain how collections efforts will differ depending on whether the debt was incurred by a consumer or by a business. Debt collection laws are in place to protect both creditors and debtors, and …Read More »

Hard Truths about Judgment Enforcement

Securing a money judgment against a debtor can feel like the end of a long journey; it is. However, the process of collecting on that judgment begins an entirely new journey. It’s important to have a skilled collection lawyer in New Jersey discuss what to expect. Waiting Periods When a judgment is entered, the losing …Read More »

A New Jersey Construction Lien Attorney Discusses Construction Liens

A New Jersey construction lien attorney at Snellings Law LLC understands that disputes sometimes arise between homeowners and contractors who have completed work on the home. If the homeowner refuses or fails to pay, the contractors and subcontractors who completed the work have a right to seek a construction lien against the property. If you …Read More »