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A New Jersey Banking Attorney on Lender Liability Defense

The term lender liability involves several different causes of action that may potentially be brought against lenders, but as a New Jersey banking attorney can explain, the essence of the claims are that the lender must treat the borrower fairly. Potential Plaintiffs An unprecedented number of loan defaults has created increased scrutiny of lenders in …Read More »

A Collection Attorney in New Jersey Discusses Illegal Debt Collection Practices

When a creditor seeks to pursue collection of a debt, there are a variety of strict laws that must be followed. A collection attorney in New Jersey is a great resource for helping you understand what is permitted. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act As a collection attorney in New Jersey can explain, the FDCPA …Read More »

Newark Commercial Litigation Attorney Speaks About Collection of Business Debts

One of the most common issues that a Newark commercial litigation attorney is contacted about is outstanding debts. Small businesses often struggle with this issue because they often do not have the resources to effectively screen clients or aggressively collect on debts. Many small businesses, however, may benefit from the following advice. These tips may …Read More »

Who Is Liable Under the NJ Consumer Fraud Act and What Potential Damages Can Be Recovered?

Being accused of consumer fraud in New Jersey is no light matter, and having legal representation is crucial. Consumer fraud relates to the sale of goods, services or real estate. A sale can be broadly interpreted to include selling goods, services, rentals and distribution. Under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, the term “person” is …Read More »