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Construction Lien Deadlines

In New Jersey, there is a blanket 90-day deadline for filing notices of construction liens. This means that you have 90 days from the last furnishing of materials, equipment or work to file your lien. However, this doesn’t mean it’s okay to wait until the last second. Oftentimes, county clerks’ offices experience major backups. Under …Read More »

Disputes in Real Estate Contracts: Failures to Disclose

The last thing a seller wants is a deal to fall through or, worse yet, to have a lawsuit brought by an unhappy buyer. A common issue that a New Jersey real estate lawyer faces is failure to disclose. The Seller’s Obligations A seller of real estate, especially residential property, has a legal obligation to tell the buyer …Read More »

Why Construction Liens Are Good Collection Tools

When a general contractor or a subcontractor is not paid for their work on either commercial or residential property in New Jersey, construction liens can be very effective debt collection tools to prompt the property owner to pay what they owe. Although state law allows contractors to file liens on property for the value of …Read More »

New Jersey Breach of Contract Lawyers Assist in Squeaky Situations

Should your business experience a breach of contract, you want a New Jersey breach of contract lawyer who can guide and aid you through the process as painlessly as possible, so you get your project back on track and get back to business. Snafus are common in the world of business. Misunderstandings occur, and mistakes …Read More »

Our New Jersey Collection Attorney Explains Dishonored Checks

A New Jersey collection attorney can explain that a check is dishonored when the bank timely returns a check after it is presented to payment or if the bank sends prompt notice of the dishonor. Likelihood of Dishonored Checks Our New Jersey collection attorney can explain that dishonored checks comprise a small proportion of the …Read More »