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New Jersey Collections Law Office Discusses the Promissory Note

As your New Jersey collections lawyer will explain, the promissory note is the pivotal document creating a creditor/debtor relationship. This document serves as evidence of the existence of a loan, without which it may be very difficult to recover for breach or default in New Jersey Superior Court. If you need assistance creating promissory notes …Read More »

Our New Jersey Debt Collection Lawyers Discuss Small Business Debt Collection

If you are a small business owner and find that you are having trouble collecting debts owed to you, consider scheduling a consultation with your New Jersey debt collection lawyers to assist you. Being a small business owner, you most likely understand how difficult it can be sometimes to collect the money that is owed …Read More »

The Validity of Construction Liens in New Jersey

A construction lien is a powerful tool for collecting a debt for work done on a construction project. It can also subject the lien holder to serious penalties if it is filed unlawfully. A New Jersey construction liens attorney can review your case whether you are defending or pursing a construction lien and help you …Read More »

New Jersey Collection Lawyers Discuss Collecting Judgments

The New Jersey collection lawyers at Snellings Law LLC often encounter people who do not know how they can collect on a judgment they’ve obtained against another person or company. There are several things you can do in order to legally enforce a judgment you have obtained. Often, people who have had judgments obtained against …Read More »