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Our New Jersey Collections Lawyer Discusses Forbearance Agreements

When a borrower defaults on a loan, it doesn’t just affect the borrower but lending institutions as well, who may have the ability for foreclose on a home or demand full payment of a defaulted loan. Even with these methods to mitigate your losses, when a borrower defaults on a loan, you still lose out …Read More »

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Discusses Collecting on a Bankrupt Client

A commercial litigation lawyer often must deal with clients who may need to collect a debt from one of their own clients who have filed bankruptcy. In many cases, a company may simply decide to write off the loss and not take legal measures to collect on the debt. However, most commercial litigation lawyers will …Read More »

The Statute of Limitations for Collecting Credit Card Debt

There is a statutory limit on how long a credit card company can file a claim for an outstanding credit card balance. If the claim is not made within that time limit, the credit card company will lose the ability to collect on that debt forever. A New Jersey collections lawyer can carefully review your account …Read More »

Collect What You’re Owed with Help from a Collections Lawyer

If you own a business and are struggling to collect money you are owed from a customer, supplier or someone else, hiring one of our collections lawyers is an excellent first step. As you have probably already learned, people find it easy enough to ignore requests for payment from business owners and employees. Collection agencies …Read More »

Understanding Small Business Promissory Notes with a Promissory Note Lawyer

As your promissory note attorney can tell you, when you borrow money for your small business, a promissory note may be used to document the loan’s repayment terms. Repayment can be structured in a variety of ways. To ensure that you choose the option that’s right for your business, familiarize yourself with the most popular …Read More »