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An Overview of Negotiable Instruments from Our Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Our commercial litigation lawyer often explains the meaning of negotiable instruments to clients. “Negotiable instruments” generally refers to checks, money order or promissory notes that involve a promise to pay. The federal Uniform Commercial Code in Article 3 calls it a document transferred from one person to another or negotiated, which is then later exchanged …Read More »

Issues With Fraudulent Transfer of Assets

Our firm represents lending institutions in a variety of matters. We have skilled New Jersey commercial collection attorneys who can assist you with your business and collections needs. Unfortunately, the laws protecting debtors can often frustrate the collections process. We can offer counsel for many issues including the fraudulent transfer of assets by a debtor. …Read More »

Collecting a Business Debt? Call Our Commercial Litigation Lawyer

If you are looking to resolve a commercial dispute, working with a commercial litigation lawyer may be the best course of action. If you are expecting to receive payment from another person or individual who has refused to update you or submit a timely payment, you may have no choice but to file a lawsuit. …Read More »

Filing a Lawsuit with Our Collections Lawyers

If you are owed debt as part of a business transaction, our collections lawyers may be able to help you recover your assets. If you loaned money to a small business or sole proprietor who either repaid less than the full amount or ignored the loan completely, you have options. These five steps to collect …Read More »