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Our Collection Lawyer Explains Out-of-State Judgments

It is common for small businesses to face issues with receiving payment, but our collection lawyer may be able to help you get the representation you need. It is a surprisingly simple process to obtain a docketed New Jersey judgment when someone from New Jersey owes you money but has moved to a different state. …Read More »

Collections After a Judgment

No one likes to go to court to force someone who owes you money to pay, but in many instances, you are left with no choice. Although it can be difficult to obtain a judgment, Collection Attorney in New Jersey will tell you that may be easier than actually enforcing the judgment and collecting what …Read More »

Determining Whether Your Opponent Can Pay You With A New Jersey Collections Attorney

Your New Jersey collections attorney will explain the importance of knowing whether or not the debtor will have the ability to pay you if you win your case. Your New Jersey  Collections Attorney Can Help You Understand Debtor Solvency New Jersey debt collection attorneys will tell you that if you win your case, you will …Read More »

How Working With a Collections Lawyer Can Help You Recover Funds from Check Fraud

If you have been written a bad check, a collections lawyer may be able to provide you with valuable legal guidance and representation. A bad check is any check that is written for amounts that exceed those in the checking account it was written from. Businesses lose thousands of dollars each year due to bad …Read More »

Which Laws Offer Protection for Contractors Using Construction Liens?

In 2011, the New Jersey legislature made changes in construction lien law that affected private and commercial projects, but not government projects. The Construction Lien Law revised the lien-filing process for suppliers, subcontractors and private contractors. Changes to the law include: Clarification of construction industry terms More precise provisions for discharging a satisfied lien claim …Read More »