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Construction Liens New Jersey and Arbitration Demands

What is a construction lien? Many contractors and subcontractors who occasionally have problems collecting what they are owed often ask the construction liens New Jersey attorneys from Snellings Law LLC exactly that question. Construction liens provide an important vehicle with which contractors and subcontractors can collect the money they are owed for their work and …Read More »

Our Commercial Litigation Lawyer Discusses Negotiated Settlements

If you are thinking about a commercial lawsuit, a commercial litigation lawyer may be able to help you get the representation you deserve in New Jersey courts. Negotiating a settlement as opposed to proceeding to a lawsuit has many benefits, but it comes with multiple cons as well. Any business attorney in New Jersey will …Read More »

New Jersey Business Debt Collection

If you are a business owner who is owed money, you may have to take legal action if you want to get paid. Snellings Law LLC offers experienced, comprehensive legal services focused on debt collection for businesses. Our collection law firm is able to assist you with all of the following: Enforcement of promissory notes …Read More »

Experienced Help with Collecting Foreign Money Judgments

When you’ve obtained a judgment against an an out of state debtor, your New Jersey debt collection attorney can walk you through the process of how to have that judgment enforced in New Jersey. Recognition of Foreign Judgments If you’ve obtained a money judgement against a creditor in a foreign state, there are steps you …Read More »