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A Commercial Litigation Lawyer Explains Small Business Debt Collection

Our commercial litigation lawyer understands that many small businesses have trouble collecting debts that are owed to them. Outstanding invoices and problems with collections are the reasons why many small businesses fail. If you are having trouble getting people who owe your business to pay their outstanding debts, there are several tactics you can take …Read More »

What Is the Midnight Deadline in Banking Law and Its Relevance in Disputes?

The bank’s timing for paying funds for a check or for returning a bounced check can sometimes be disputed. Banks must operate in a timely manner under the law, and failing to meet deadlines can cause considerable problems for consumers. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) designates the cutoff time for banks as midnight the banking …Read More »

Important Facts about Lender Liability Defense

With claims against lenders on the rise in the wake of recent economic times, lenders look for a banking law attorney in New Jersey who can mount an aggressive defense. This entails understanding common issues involved in lender liability defense. Parties Involved in a Lender Liability Claim In addition to the allegedly defrauded borrower, lender …Read More »

New Jersey Collections Attorney Explains Creditors’ Rights

Under New Jersey law, creditors enjoy certain rights upon the default and enforcement of outstanding debt. As a business owner, it is of great benefit to your organization to fully understand your rights as a creditor, and a New Jersey collections lawyer is the best resource for this information. To preserve the money to which …Read More »