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Our Collection Lawyer Discusses Dishonored Checks

Every collections lawyer receives calls from business and individuals who have deposited bad checks. Grocery stores, auto shops, land landlords and all types of businesses are exposed to the risk of receiving dishonored checks if they accept this form of payment. Some companies have stopped taking checks for this reason, and many others verify the …Read More »

Important Considerations in Real Estate Contract Formation and Disputes

For many, a real estate transaction represents the most important contract they will ever enter into. It’s critical to understand the legal requirements before entering into negotiations or signing anything relating to a real estate transaction. Put a qualified New Jersey real estate law attorney in your corner as early in the process as you …Read More »

Help Getting A Construction Lien, with Alternatives

A knowledgeable attorney can help contractors with a construction lien and other methods of receiving payment for work that has been done. Legal Steps You Can Take to Receive Payment If you are a contractor concerned about getting paid or if you are having trouble getting paid for your work, you can take the following …Read More »

Key Facts about Consumer Fraud

Although every state in the country has enacted laws to protect consumers, New Jersey has some of the toughest. A skilled New Jersey consumer fraud attorney can explain your consumer rights and help you decide what to do in the event you have been defrauded after a purchase or other scheme. The Evolution of New …Read More »