New Jersey Collections Lawyer Provides State and Nationwide Services

Offering a comprehensive approach to debt
recovery for your business

New Jersey collections lawyerThe experienced team at Snellings Law LLC is dedicated to providing knowledgeable legal assistance and creditor representation to all types and sizes of businesses. We have served clients ranging from individuals and small businesses to large, national corporations. We also have a geographically diverse client base as a result of the services we provide in New Jersey and throughout the United States. Whether your business needs assistance with debt collections or dispute resolution, a New Jersey collections lawyer at our office is fully prepared to assist you.

Experience you can trust

With more than a decade of experience focused on business litigation and loan collection matters, we provide aggressive and goal-oriented representation for your company. When you partner with our Parsippany law firm, you receive:

  • Advanced implementation of technology. We streamline our firm’s operations with the most current equipment that uses a cloud-based system. We understand that technology can change how attorneys practice law, and we strongly believe in using every resource available to obtain positive results for you.
  • Personal and individualized attention. We take a hands-on approach with our clients. At Snellings Law LLC, you always deal with a collections lawyer personally. Moreover, we listen to your goals and help create strategies for achieving them.
  • Availability and responsiveness. When you need us, we respond. Even when we are not in the office, we check our voice mail and email so we can answer your questions in a timely manner.

Our mission is to assist creditors in collection matters in New Jersey by providing aggressive, quality legal representation. We handle all stages of commercial debt-enforcement matters. And regardless of what phase of the collection process you are in, we can help.

We make a difference in your debt collection efforts

If you are a national creditor, we provide a broad range of services throughout the state of New Jersey. We are equipped to handle any dispute that may arise under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the New Jersey consumer credit law or the common law of contracts. We provide assistance with:

  • Collections. We have experience handling credit card collections, past-due loans, construction liens and a variety of commercial collections.
  • Real estate transactions and litigation. If you are selling or buying real estate, we can assist you with documenting, reviewing and closing the transaction. If disputes arise involving your real estate matter, we aggressively represent your best interests.
  • Banking law. We have extensive experience handling a variety of banking law matters. This includes forged or missing check endorsements, recovery of dishonored checks and disputes regarding negotiable instruments.

Our law firm is not considered a “collections agency” that has only the ability to harass debtors into paying. A collections agency cannot take your matters to court, and we can. In fact, our ability to file lawsuits against the individuals and entities that owe you money is one of the most significant factors in our success rate in collecting debt. If you want to take proactive and aggressive action in your collection efforts, we are the firm to turn to. We have more legal ability than your standard New Jersey collection agency. In addition, we can work with you to help you aggressively pursue legal action, if necessary.

Schedule an initial consultation with an experienced New Jersey collections lawyer

If you are looking for a law firm that provides personal attention in your business’s debt recovery matters, contact Snellings Law LLC. Our office offers flexible hours and available parking, as well as accessibility to public transportation. Call us at 973.265.6100 or contact us via our website to schedule your appointment.